Protein foaming agent GreenFroth
- for light weight cellular concrete
- for foamed concrete




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Protein foaming agent GreenFroth for light weight cellular concrete (foamed concrete)..

The specialists of LLC Stroy-Beton present a new protein foaming agent for light weight cellular concrete (foamed concrete) GreenFroth. It contains natural surfactants and is mixed with organic raw materials, which work in synergy with them. GreenFroth is innovative, powerful, highly effective foaming agent.

LLC Stroy-Beton is the exclusive supplier of this foaming agent in the world.

For the first time in global market we present this product at the price which can be compared only with the prices of ordinary synthetic foaming agents due to the direct collaboration in the production and supplies of the foaming agent. However, it is obvious that protein foaming agents are considerably better in the production of foam concrete than synthetic foaming agents because the main qualities of the protein foaming agents include the possibility to produce far firmer foam concrete of low densities.

Nowadays it is the only one protein foaming agent in the market which costs approximately the same as the synthetic foaming agent.

Moreover, the foaming agent which is based on organic raw materials has an increased ratio and a higher resistance of foam in comparison with other imported foaming agents and synthetic ones. Consequently now it is possible to reduce the consumption of the foaming agent on each cubic meter of foam concrete approximately to 45 % that adds to the quality and the strength of the produced foam concrete.

The flexible system of deliveries has been carried out to have this foaming agent always in store and to dispatch our customers without any delays. It allows our customers to minimize circulating assets and to decrease the resources in a ware-house.

We are always ready to dispatch samples of GreenFroth to any part in the world or to display the usage of this foaming agent on our working plant in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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